Building Capacity & Empowering Communities in Bangladesh

Project Milestones - Year 3

Design for Sustainable Settlements Bangladesh (DSSB)

The DSSB course conducted in Year 3 of the project empowered participants to go out and lead practical sessions on soil testing in six villages, to over 280 community members. Following this, five demonstrations were given to over 100 community members on the topics of pesticide, fish tonic, liquid compost, vermin compost and raised beds.

See more photos of the DSSB on Year 3 here.

Climate Change Awareness Course

The aim of the workshop being to train participants in climate change adaptation and disaster management techniques, the Climate Change Awareness course was of particular importance to the participating community leaders in 2015. The areas benefiting from the BASD project were in fact experiencing excessive rainfall at that point.

See photos of the course here.

Climate Change Awareness Course

Permaculture Design Course

The first PDC course of Year 3, led by permaculture practitioner and sustainable design expert Pradyut Nayek, was given to 23 community leaders from the Banishanta, Sutarkhali and Mongla region of Southern Bangladesh.

The feedback and evaluations revealed a number of important lessons learnt:

  • Participants gained the ability to produce different varieties of crops in small areas of land. This is critical in the region as farming land is often limited.
  • The training gave insights into how improved soil health has positive impacts on human health and the environment. Using organic fertilisers over chemicals is crucial in achieving this.
  • The new techniques allow people to preserve water by only needing to water their crops two to three times per week.
  • The increase in food production will allow people to grow household income by selling the surplus food at markets.

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