Blended Adult Learning for the Socio-Ecological Transition


European Union Erasmus + Strategic Partnership

October 2019 - November 2021

Blended Adult learning for the Social-ecological Transition (BLAST) is a project run by the transnational Transformative Education Community of Practice formed by members of ECOLISE and other partners. The project is funded by the Erasmus+ strategic partnerships programme and started in October 2019. It focuses on the enhancement of transformative learning across Europe.

This project is designed to enable adult educators to provide need-based educational opportunities to citizens, communities and professionals that engage as changemakers in the socio-ecological transition. For adult educators, it is a challenge to work with learners focused on changemaking action in their local context. It requires providing demand-driven opportunities for learning and reflection on the right topic at the right moment at the right place, in order to ensure receptiveness and continued engagement of those adult learners.

Through the project, professionals will be trained through training-of-trainers events, going on to train multipliers who will in turn reach thousands of beneficiaries through offline and online activities. By supporting adult educators to improve their competences in delivering blended transformative learning for civic engagement, BLAST aims to bring about massive personal and community-led change over time.

Project Deliverables


The project’s activities aim at bringing this change by supporting people to engage actively in the socio-ecological transition in response to the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Agreement and related goals.

The BLAST strategy involves:

  • Providing a context for adult educators to improve their competences in delivering blended transformative learning for civic engagement

  • Increasing reach and improving access, quality, attractiveness and coordination of educational delivery of transformative adult education initiatives across Europe that are supporting the social-ecological transition

  • Identifying, pooling, encouraging and spreading related social and educational innovations

  • Exploiting results of other related EU projects

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