Award-winning Courage Chocolate with special editions for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and award-winning Courage Chocolate has developed and worked on this year’s special editions of handmade chocolate with herbs ready for your loved ones.

In 2019 Courage Chocolate was awarded the TuttoFood Milano Prize in 2019 and the specially made chocolates were sold out during LUSH Manchester Festival, attracting great interest from the engaged LUSH public, eager to know where to source more.

Courage Chocolate and Sicilian social cooperative partner L’Arcolaio have been working on two chocolate editions:


Courage Chocolate is the outcome of the Herbal Youth Project which builds the capacity of young women arriving in the region of the richest concentrations of biodiversity in Europe in terms of medicinal and aromatic herbs. The project combines the wild herbs of the Iblei territory with the traditional art of chocolate making of Sicily with a view of opening opportunities for the young women in organic herbal chocolate making.

You can order the special editions of handmade chocolate here!

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Their learning journey starts with Mediterranean herb identification followed by chocolate making from tree to bar, including the transformation of the cacao beans into liquor, butter, powder and chocolate. With the mentoring support of a Sicilian master baker, the young women have developed six unique chocolate recipes sold under the brand they themselves developed Courage Chocolate.

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Check out the film below sharing the milestones of Herbal Youthful Chocolate – a transformative partnership of Gaia Education, Lush, Passwork, L’Arcolaio, RSF Social Finance, Global Whole Being Fund, Corsino.

Find out more about the Youthful Herbal Chocolate project here.