Courage Chocolate Wins Award!


The Youthful Herbal Chocolate project with its aromatic herbs Courage Chocolate has received the TuttoFood 2019 award in Milan.

Developed and launched by L’Arcolaio, Gaia Education, Passwork and Antica Pasticceria Corsino, thanks to the support of LUSH UK, RSF Social Finance and Global Whole Being Fund, the project builds the capacity of young migrants to begin a new life as they arrive in a region with the richest concentration of biodiversity in Europe, in terms of medicinal and aromatic herbs.

The jury of experts at TuttoFood 2019 recognized that the project ‘fully expresses the idea of responsibility as inclusion’, based on the ‘observation of the context and on the creation of a complex chain in which, starting from a situation of hardship, it was possible to achieve opportunities for growth and success’.

Congratulations to all people involved in the project, in particular to the young women who developed the chocolate and brand!

Watch the Courage Chocolate film here.