CCERC First Meeting in Hungary


The new project of the consortium Community Catalysts is the Community for Civic Engagement and Community Resilience. This project is the third of a series of Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships projects of this consortium - The Community Catalysts for Transformative Economies (ending now) and the Community Catalysts for Regenerative Development. The structure of the projects of this consortium is in line with the SDG Wedding Cake of the Stockholm Resilience Center.


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The new Community Catalysts project is the Community for Civic Engagement and Community Resilience and is focusing on local communities and bioregions. They need to be(come) deeply acquainted with and supportive of the unique local culture, conditions and potential to perform their role.

Please see more about the new project here.


The consortium met for the first time to work on this new project in November 2022 in Budapest, Hungary, hosted by our Profilantrop partners.