Gaia Education Attends Partnership Meeting in Hungary for Community Catalysts Project


Gaia Education is proud to be a part of the Community Catalysts for Civic Engagement and Community Resilience project, which aims to empower individuals and communities to be agents of change in their lives and for the planet. As a partner in this project, Gaia Education attended the partnership meeting held in Hungary on November 16-17, 2022, hosted by Profilantrop.

The Community Catalysts project is a collaboration between several European organizations with a shared vision of promoting civic engagement and community resilience. This meeting was an opportunity for all partners to come together and discuss the project's progress and plan for future activities.

During the meeting, Gaia Education had the chance to meet with representatives from other partner organizations, including Palma Nana (Italy), Profilantrop (Hungary), and Resilience Earth (Catalunia), Projecto Novas Descoberta and Orla Design (Portugal) and UIC Barcelona and Urban Resilience Research Network (Spain) and discuss how to support the project's goals further. The team shared their experiences, challenges, and successes and exchanged ideas on best engaging with communities and creating lasting impact.

The partnership meeting was a productive and inspiring event, and Gaia Education is excited to continue working with the Community Catalysts consortium towards a more resilient and sustainable future. To learn more about this project and the consortium, visit their website at or the project page at