Catalysing Communities

A European Gathering for Building Connections & Capacity

19-20 September 2023

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Are you a practitioner or part of an initiative and organisation in Europe that is catalysing the transition of local communities towards sustainable & regenerative futures?

Then come and join us this September for a unique international gathering in Brussels! This three-part blended event gives you a chance to meet European policymakers and like-minded individuals who're working towards socio-ecological changes.

Learn about active community-led initiatives and resources available, discover how the European Green Deal could advance our work and let's discuss changes needed in order to create real change! This gathering will create a harmonious space where we can come together and strengthen Europe's resilience and social contract through building connections and community. 

Details of each part of the event are as follows:

  1. Part A, 19 September 9.00-13.00 CET @ Mundo Matongé (Mundo B building) in Brussels & online: To share the successes of community-led and youth-led initiatives and the latest resources and approaches about catalysing communities through regenerative practices, socially inclusive interventions and place-based demonstration centres.
  2. Part B: 19 September 14.00-17.00 CET @ Mundo Matongé (Mundo B building) in Brussels & online: To discuss the roadblocks that practitioners meet recurrently when catalysing community transitions: what structural barriers need to be removed, what policy changes claimed, what support gathered?
  3. Part C, 20 September, 08.30-12.30 CET @ European Parliament & online: To scope how community-led initiatives, the emerging catalysing professions, and the European Green Deal could advance each other’s objectives.

We will be streaming the event live online from Brussels for anyone who is unable to make it in person! Please sign up as soon as possible for any of the complementary parts of the event here.


This event is made possible through the cooperation of the following groundbreaking Erasmus+ projects: the Community Catalysts project series, Community Climate Coaches, iACT (Activating Community Transformation) and Youth Action For Nature and Wellbeing.



Gathering Technical Details

19th September - PART A and B

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Mentimeter 1    Mentimeter 2 


Mentimeter 1 Results    Mentimeter 2 Results  


20th September - PART C - EU Parliament

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Gathering  Resources

General Resources Center

Catalysing Communities Definitions Poster - Download Here

Catalysing Communities Projects Canvas - Download Here

Resilience Earth Regenerative Spiral - Download Here the Poster

Project Flyers, Posters and Resources

Community Catalysts | Community Climate Coaches | iAct | Youth Action for Nature and Well-being

Community Catalysts Project

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Community Catalysts Toolkit Cards in English - Click to generate a set of cards

Community Climate Coaches

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Community Climate Coaches Competences: Download Here

Two Waves: Download Here


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