Youth Action for Nature & Wellbeing

European Union Erasmus + Strategic Partnership

May 2021 - August 2023


Within the context of the climate crisis and the coronavirus pandemic, it is now more important than ever to collectively respond to the need to restore the environment, engage in society as active citizens, and strengthen our mental resilience. Young people have a strong commitment to protecting the environment, while also having a greater need for social connection and a lower tolerance to uncertainty than other age groups.

This project aims to innovate new ways of working with young people that combine transformative learning, action competence and nature-based strategies for positive mental health. Through design thinking and co-creation with youth participants, youth workers and trainers, the project will support young people to improve their well-being and enhance their leadership skills and competence to take action for sustainable development. By building their resilience to uncertainty, young people will be better equipped to respond to global crises and connect to their communities in the face of a challenging future.

Project Deliverables


The Youth Action partners are working to:

  • Collaborate on the design and co-creation of new ways of working with young people that improve well-being and strengthen their sense of self-efficacy

  • Pilot the new ways of working with participants from all partner countries, and assess the impact of the methodologies tried using quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods

  • Create and publish a toolkit for youth workers and educators, a pedagogical design guide, a case study, an e-learning course and an evaluation tool


The outputs of the project will be shared with young people, youth workers, practitioners, educators and policymakers, contributing to the overall advancement of education for sustainable development.

This project contributes towards the important policy priorities in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, UNESCO's Education 2030 and the European Youth Goals, especially: education for sustainability as a vehicle for empowerment, citizenship and mental health and well-being. Participants in the project will gain a greater sense of self and citizenship, as well as an enhanced understanding of the challenges we face - and the competencies to respond to them.

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Gaia Education participates in Youth Action for Nature and Wellbeing project meeting in Olot

Gaia Education is proud to be a part of the Youth Action for Nature and Wellbeing project, working to empower young people to take action for a healthier planet. Recently, the consortium gathered in Olot, Catalonia for a project meeting on January 23rd and 24th.

The meeting brought together partners from across Europe to discuss progress and future plans for the project. The focus of the meeting was on sharing ideas and best practices for engaging young people in environmental and social action…

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