Sustainable Management of Cultural Landscapes Online Conference Invitation


The strategic partnership on Sustainable Management of Cultural Landscapes includes 13 partners from 10 countries. The project has a number of outputs as a result of productive cooperation of higher education institutions in the field of cultural landscapes and heritage studies. Gaia Education is an active member of this consortium.

Cultural landscapes can be understood in many perspectives such as the agricultural landscape, the industrial landscape, the urban cityscape, the coastal maritime landscape, …and even more denominations are possible for example foodscape, soundscape. What they share is the material and intangible consequences of humanity’s interaction with the landscape in a broad variety of different areas and contents. The issues motivating this strategic partnership build on the experiences and competencies of the partners and rest in a number of issues such as:

  • how to organise the numerous stakeholders in landscape questions into a sustainable
    governance structures;
  • how to develop models for identifying, describing and interpreting material and intangible
    properties of the landscape;
  • how to develop strategies for valuation, preservation, development; and
  • how to develop local economies and sustainable tourism building on identified qualities and
    properties of the landscape.

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

You are invited to join the following on-line conferences and join SUMCULA partners in developing the resources in education, research and in the territory of sustainable cultural landscapes.

October 12: on the Land support software: applications for SUMCULA

November 16:  on case studies and the virtual didactic material (‘the SUMCULA Book’)

December 14: on the MSc framework for cooperating in Sustainable Management of Cultural Landscapes.

To register contact:

SUMCULA is an Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships Programme.