Community Catalysts for Transformative Economies





European Union Erasmus + Strategic Partnership

September 2020 - August 2022

For many years, the economy and the environment have been regarded as separate spheres. Success has equated to unending growth and measurements of prosperity have been solely based on GDP. By continuing on this isolated path, we fail to understand the full picture: omitting critical information about the environmental and social dimensions, which the economy not only impacts but also relies upon. Experts are clear that in reframing how we view the economy, we must take into account and prioritise its interdependence with the world around us.

In reality, there would be no economy without natural resources, often referred to by economists as ‘natural capital’. Healthy ecosystems provide us with the vital services and bio-productivity needed for life to thrive. They are intrinsic to all life, and are therefore also the basis of wealth.

Community Catalysts for Transformative Economies seeks to develop methodologies and tools to support small scale enterprises operating in both urban and rural settings, to design regenerative economic responses embedded in vital ecosystems.

The project will research, contribute and prototype emerging transformative economic theory and practice that is bio-regionally manifested and nested in global trends. Developing practical tools and a course curriculum, the project will engage rural and urban multi-stakeholders and enhance their knowledge of alternative economic practices. 

In doing so, the project aims to catalyse social entrepreneurs and other local actors in support of a transformative economy, ultimately ensuring the long term environmental, social and economic sustainability of their economic activities.

Project Deliverables


Over the course of two years, the project will:

  • Conduct participatory research on transformative economy through case studies in 4 countries
  • Co-produce a methodological guide on transformative economy, which will help the project generate greater impact in creating positive social change

  • Co-design and develop a toolkit as well as the framework and materials of a course for transformative catalysts

  • Co-create and facilitate an online learning platform on transformative economy

  • Host 5 local seminars and 1 international conference for disseminating the project results, reaching European-wide professional communities and wider audience

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This project aims to catalyse social entrepreneurs and other local actors in support of a transformative economy. A transformative economy is one where social entrepreneurs ensure the long term environmental, social and economic sustainability o…

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