Youth in Transition

Environmental Sustainability

& Civic Engagement

European Union Erasmus + Strategic Partnership

March 2021 - August 2022

The aim of Youth in Transition is to make a valuable contribution to creating a resilient, low-carbon society in Europe, by raising awareness of climate-friendly lifestyle choices among young people and mobilising a community of young people from socially diverse backgrounds to be empowered to act.

Building upon the expertise of the project partners in methodologies for Education for Sustainable Development, the project focuses on developing innovative blended and online learning opportunities for youth. Approaches will be based around creativity and the arts, allowing for new and engaging ways to mobilise.

In order to reach a broader range of young people and on a larger scale, all educational materials will be made to be digitally accessible and optimised for mobile phone use. In prioritising a mobile format, the project sets out to ensure an impact on ‘hard to reach groups’, including young migrants, refugees and excluded youth.

Project Deliverables


Over the course of the project, with input from youth participants, youth leaders and other target groups, the partners will:

  • Produce a Youth in Transition facilitator & teacher’s coursebook to engage young participants in social inclusion and ecologically sustainable actions both online and offline

  • Create active and vibrant Communities of Practice in the partner countries, with youth contributing towards equity, social inclusion and sustainable development within their communities

  • Co-develop an easily-accessible online learning environment (e-platform/online laboratory/app) where ethnically and socially diverse youth can engage in interactive creative initiatives that support social integration and youth-led content creation


Ultimately, the project aims to have a meaningful impact in mobilising a movement of young people from diverse backgrounds across Europe, sharing experiences digitally on civic engagement and an eco-friendly society.

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