Our collaborative projects are a direct and positive contribution towards the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals across Europe and the Global South


Global South Projects

Gaia Education’s Project-Based Learning is a dynamic learning approach in which stakeholders acquire appropriate skills and analytical tools while actively exploring real-life solutions to the challenges of designing sustainable settlements.

We work with traditional and indigenous communities in the Global South to improve the way they manage their environments and villages, while addressing climate change vulnerabilities.

Projects promote integrated approaches to land management for healthier soil, nutritional yields, and enhanced climate resilience. They also support communities to establish social enterprises and local small businesses, aiming to preserve their unique culture, foods and ecologies, and to foster greater economic vitality and diversification.


European Projects

Gaia Education is a key partner on a number of projects across Europe, the majority of which are funded through the European Union’s Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships stream. 

Our projects span across a  range of European countries, with partners based in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Our European projects are rich in their variety and scope, covering all dimensions of sustainable development, focusing on areas such as youth education and mobilisation, community transformation and blended learning. We partner on projects with academic institutions, local NGOs, meta networks and national organisations.

News & Articles


CCERC First Meeting in Hungary

The new project of the consortium Community Catalysts is the Community for Civic Engagement and Community Resilience. This project is the third of a series of Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships projects of this consortium - The Community Catalysts for Transformative Economies (ending now) and the Community Catalysts for Regenerative Development. The structure of the projects of this consortium is in line with the SDG Wedding Cake of the Stockholm Resilience Center.


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The new Community Catal…

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gaia yes estonia gaia school

GaiaYES multiplier event in Findhorn!

On July 7th Gaia Education and our European partners for the GaiaYES are delighted to invite you to our one-day 'Building Regenerative Futures' Seminar. We hope you can join us, online or face-to-face!

You will get some seminar about Gaia Education's history, an introduction to the project itself, with our partners. How the project links to Youth networks emerging around holistic Education for Sustainable Development and presentations about amazing things such Gaia Nederland initiative, Gaia Ko…

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CCTE local multiplier event in Findhorn!

On July 7th Gaia Education and our European partners for the Community Catalysts for Transformative Economies projects are delighted to invite you to our one-day 'Building Regenerative Futures' Seminar. We hope you can join us, online or face-to-face!

This project aims to catalyse social entrepreneurs and other local actors in support of a transformative economy. A transformative economy is one where social entrepreneurs ensure the long term environmental, social and economic sustainability o…

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Gaia Education has opened an office in Brussels, Belgium!

Gaia Education was founded in Findhorn, and for more a decade Gaia Education has been working from Scotland to the world. The team has always been very multicultural and spread across the world; through the years we have been having colleagues in Canada, US, Brazil, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Finland, and many other places.

As Brexit started to roll ahead, Gaia Education decided that having a EU presence is crucial for international development and staying true to our values.

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Who are the Youth in Transition?

As we arrive at the beautiful mountains of Piazza Armerina, 900 m above sea level, a gentle mist welcomes us and we can finally breathe the fresh air after 12 hours of travelling. "These are some of the poorest areas in Italy", a member of our partner organisation tells us, but also one of the richest, most vivid cultures with many influences from around the world. Over time Sicily has been under multiple rules including Greek, Spanish, Arab-Byzantine, Roman, No…

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Launch of new European project – Youth in Transition!

This May saw the launch of an exciting new European Union Erasmus+ funded project – Youth in Transition. Gaia Education is delivering this project in partnership with NOAH Friends of the Earth Denmark and the Danish Association of EcovillagesPlattform Footprint, the University College for Agrarian & Environmental Pedagogy in Austria, and the Don Bosco Association in Sicily.

The aim of Youth in Transition is to make a valuable contribution towards creating a resilient, low-carbon society in Eu…

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