Youth Glocalisers for Change


Youth Glocalisers for Change training programme holds the vision of an informed, empowered, imaginative and inter-connected generation of Austrian Youth Glocalisers, able and willing to adapt lifestyles and consumer behaviors to planetary boundaries while achieving the SDGs by 2030.

Supported by Bildünger and Ashoka Austria, the programme will develop a youth-focused training package, which blends the Ecological Footprint trainings of our Austrian partner, Plattform Footprint, with Gaia Education’s cutting edge curricula and participatory methodology for education for sustainable development.

Over the next year we will conduct a series of programmes in schools, providing 250 students with a hands-on learning experience of measuring their footprint on Earth. Students will be offered tools to become multipliers for change in the implementation of the SDGs, in particular in relation to SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production, but also understand the deep interconnectedness of all SDGs as an agenda for societal transformation. A teacher training manual accompanies the package, and we will train 50 teachers on how to use the package and multiply learning.