New Alliance for Capacity Building on Regenerative Development


Gaia Education is thrilled to sign an MoU with the University for International Cooperation (UCI) at the epicentre of regenerative development in Costa Rica.

Our first joint action is to launch Gaia Education Design for Sustainability course in Spanish for a Latin American audience in October 2018.

With over 615 wildlife species per 10,000 sq km, Costa Rica sits at the top of the list of the most bio-diverse regions of the world with 25% of its area designated as ‘protected’ and with 12 key ecological zones.

For 25 years UCI has been igniting the ecological imagination and ethical entrepreneurial spirit of thousands of Costa Rican and Latin American learners from rangers to disadvantaged women for 25 years.

Eduard Muller, UCI President, is spearheading the establishment of the Global Hub for Regenerative Development as a reference centre for promoting regenerative trends through site-based research, capacity development and multi-layered technical assistance. This hub will bring together Capital Institute, Savory, Soils 4 Climate, UCI, Gaia Education and others as a meta-network to accelerate regenerative thinking and action in a coherent and powerful way.